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Why do the blood pressure devices no longer carry a calibration stamp?

Since 1 January 1995, the regulations of the Law on Medical Products (MPG) have been in force for the marketing of medical products. All medical products must meet the "Basic Requirements" of EC Directive 93/42/EEC and the manufacturer or seller must provide the products with the CE mark. In the case of medical products with a measurement function, the identification number of the designated place must be added. In the case of PAUL HARTMANN AG, for example, this is 0123 - the TÜV Product Service in Munich. After the end of a transition period, it has not been possible since 13 June 1998 to market products according to the old calibration law. Products already on the market without CE certification, that is, goods in stock, may still be used or sold until 30 June 2001.


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